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Welcome to the Western Banders Association Web Site!

PRESIDENT: Jennifer White (08) 9397 6050
PAST PRESIDENT: Perry de Rebeira (08) 9298 8999
VICE-PRESIDENT: Gwen Goodreid (08) 9756 1057
SECRETARY: Alma de Rebeira (08) 9298 8999
TREASURER: Greg Marston (08) 9883 9309
NEWSLETTER EDITOR: Alma de Rebeira (08) 9298 8999
WEBSITE MAINTAINER Phil Joy  0423 720 622
COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Alex Morrison (08) 9844 4148
Eleanor Rowley (08) 9279 3820

WBA, PO Box 113, Glen Forrest, WA 6071

 Western Banders Association - 2014

The Western Banders Association was formed in February 1995. At that time it was recognised that there was a need for a system of communication between Western Australian bird banders. No other avenue existed to inform them of current banding projects or opportunities to take part in constructive and instructive local activity.

Many projects currently operating in the West are supported co-operatively by experienced and qualified banders, trainees, volunteers and friends. Senior banders are contributing their knowledge and equipment to support projects supervised by other researchers, especially those set up and operated by recently qualified banders. Some projects are designed to provide trainee banders with experience in different habitats and in handling species that they may not encounter while working with their nominated supervisor.

Members of the Western Banders Association receive a Newsletter, the Western Banders News, which is published about every 8 weeks, with news of what is happening in the West. Occasionally there are reports on members' activities interstate or abroad.

Local gatherings are organised to provide mutual support for current banding projects and their supervising banders; to offer the best possible training for new banders; to encourage greater technical skills and analytical effort among banders; and to hold workshops and seminars in support of all the above aims.

Membership subscription is AU$10 a year within Australia and AU$15 for overseas members and falls due in January each year. Payments and correspondence can be sent to Mr Greg Marston, Treasurer, 'Waldja', 35 Crossman Road, Boddington WA 6390. I hope that you will join us in supporting a common interest.





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